In March 2020 Scaled Agile Inc. began to allow the delivery of certified SAFe training online on an exception based to support businesses impacted by COVID-19. In August 2020, they further modified the remote SAFe Training policy to allow all Scaled Agile Partners to offer live online SAFe Training in a public and private setting indefinitely.

Pretty Agile moved all of its SAFe training and consulting online in March 2020. We anticipate that all our SAFe training will continue to be delivered delivered remotely until such time as the Australia Federal Government lifts the 1.5 m physical distancing restriction.

How does Online SAFe Training from Pretty Agile work?

All our online SAFe training classes are delivered by two SPC/Ts. You will find most providers use one trainer for all classes except Leading SAFe and Implementing SAFe where Scaled Agile Inc. requires two. At Pretty Agile we know that two trainers provides a better learning experience so we make this investment for every class.

Our average online SAFe training course has 9 to 12 participants. We have minimum of 6 and a maximum of 18 as we have found this to be optimal for delivery of remote SAFe training. We set up class activities in way that enables all participants to interact with each other over the course of the class. 

What do people say about Pretty Agile’s Online SAFe Training?

I'm pleased to announce my first 2021 goal has been met - having become a Certified SAFe Agilist!Big thanks to the Pretty Agile team of Emma Sharrock and Claire Sanders for the excellent materials and course delivery via Zoom, and to my globally distributed classmates for making it interesting and asking great questions. Great to challenge myself with some study and examination time pressure - proof my mindset is still open to learning new things!
Jody FelsteadJody FelsteadCoordinator Operational Readiness, Roy Hill
Thank you Emma Sharrock & Claire Sanders for such an informative and interactive online training session. ☺️
Matthias PrilippMatthias PrilippProduct Manager - New Technologies, Porsche Cars Australia Pty.Ltd.
The Agile Product Management certification has been a great introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework. Em and Adrienne cover all important areas of modern agile product management and have given me the tools to apply the principles of the framework to my day-to-day business. I did enjoy the online format as it gave me more flexibility and allowed us to discuss the framework in an international context with participants from overseas. The team from Pretty Agile made this a seamless experience and I’m looking forward to my next course.
Tiffany ApatuTiffany ApatuDirector/AVP of Product Design at PCCW GLOBAL Limited
Em and Adrienne always provide an engaging session! I appreciate their real-world perspective and ability to connect course content to their own experience. This was my first online training course and the pace, timing, combination of consuming and participating was great. Their approach to logistics was top-notch anticipating and mitigating the potential issues that come with learning in a remote environment.
Ashley MoorsAshley MoorsBusiness Analyst, AusNet Services
Thanks to Em Campbell-Pretty and Emma Sharrock for running an engaging and insightful course for SAFe Scrum Master Certification. The course, run online, was expertly facilitated with plenty of opportunity for the participants to engage and discuss during the break out activities.Em and Emma also shared their personal experiences in the world of agile, which strengthened the course material. I would strongly recommend Pretty Agile to anyone thinking of taking a SAFe certification.
Privileged and humbled to have been coached by such consummate professionals. Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson are wiser beyond their years, particularly with being able to expertly navigate us through the virtual training. Their best-selling books are a treasure trove of useful wisdom gathered over their many years of experience in this domain. If you're thinking about doing the course, then don't hesitate and book it in. It's everything you need and more!
Thank you Em Campbell-Pretty. Lovely meeting and learning from both you and Adrienne Wilson. The way you designed and prepared for the online version of this course was also outstanding! 👏🏼
Great training! Really enjoyed it! Adrienne Wilson and Claire Sanders made the virtual training experience really engaging and fun.
Continuing with professional development during these COVID19 times has not only been engaging but has also provided me the opportunity to learn and collaborate with professionals from across Australia and Asia that I normally would not get the chance to meet. Yet here we all are learning in the Zoom Video Communications classroom, working together on the MURAL whiteboard for visual collaboration and using Slack channels for every conversation.Thanks to the amazing team (Claire and Melissa) from Pretty Agile for delivering a great course!#scaledagile #scaledagileframework #learnfromhome
Really enjoyed the Implementing SAFe course from the guys at Pretty Agile. If anyone's hesitant to invest in training while it's all happening over Zoom, I say - don't! With the right approach and tools, the four days flew by. Kudos to Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson, and the guys in the US who did 5pm-2am every day!SAFe 5 has gone beyond large-scale product development into the mindset and culture to increase whole-of-business agility. I wonder if we're seeing the early results of that in the rapid business transformation in response to COVID at telcos and banks, frequent adopters of SAFe. Exciting times!#agile #safe5 #businessagility #businesstransformation
I thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Implementing SAFe’ class in July. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about what the virtual experience would be like but you have it down to an art (pun intended 😉). The four days flew by, thanks to the mix of engaging facilitators, well timed breaks and seamless technology. I hope virtual options remain a permanent offering for training providers as it opens up more opportunities, especially if for those not based on the East Coast. Keep up the great work
With experience in agile, scrum, SAFe, and training I didn't want to take any class. I wanted to take training from someone who understands how to share information, engage the (virtual) classroom, and use their experience to get beyond the wordy slides and talk about real-world implementations. And the person I wanted training from more than anyone else is Em Campbell-Pretty. She and Adrienne did a marvellous job and kept me engaged despite the 9-hour time difference. Yes, my class started at 5:30PM local and ran until 2:30AM. And it was worth it!
Deran HewavitharaneDeran HewavitharaneSenior Business Analyst | Product Owner, HUB24
Em and Claire had really good practical insights for concepts discussed on the SAFe model that we could take away to try out in our environment as Product owners. They also had the skills, knowledge and the right tools to be conducting the SAFe POPM class on a remote basis, given the prevailing lockdowns in Melbourne. Several group activities were conducted throughout the two days that kept the us really engaged with the rest of the attendees while being able to learn from their experiences.
So this probably goes without saying, but if you are on the fence about this class take it! Em Campbell-Pretty & Adrienne Wilson were fantastic. And I feel like they have this remote learning model mastered!
It's a great experience remote, and across time zones - exam prep next 😀 Thx to Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson! #kudos #training #education
Susmitha VempralaSusmitha VempralaIntegration Planning & Agile Process Coach, Waste Management (Texas)
Em and Adrienne - When i signed up for this mid-night class, I wasn't sure about how much I would actually learn. But you both made the learning very easy by sharing your experiences and helping relate the "book" knowledge to real-life. Thank you!!I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and would absolutely recommend it to all my friends. 🙏🙌
Thanks Em and Adrienne - really enjoyed the course and considering how tricky remote learning can be you kept us engaged and motivated all the way through!
Thanks Em Campbell-Pretty & Adrienne Wilson, was a great course, lots of laughs, good remote learning experience.
As always, appreciate your skills, experience & expertise and especially your facilitation style & sense of humour 😁

Technology Requirements

You will need a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and internet access.

We used Zoom as the audio visual backbone of our virtual training. You will need a Zoom account. (You can sign up for a free Zoom account if you dont already have one. ) While Zoom is accessible through a web browser we recommend installing the client on your computer for better stability. We ask students to register for the call in advance, to help us keep those Zoom-bombers at bay!

We use Slack for chat instead of Zoom chat. The allows us to build in redundancy in the unlikely case of a Zoom outage. Slack also has the advantage of being persistent post the class. We keep the Slack workspace live so you can continue to chat with your classmates and access the many resources shared during the course.

We will provide you with a link so that you can create a free Slack login. Even if you have an existing account, Slack requires you to set up your login for each workspace independently. We also recommend installing the client on your computer rather than using the web version.

Mural is our online collaboration tool. This is web based so no installation required. You will not need a login either as we will provide you with visitor access to the specific Murals spaces you will need for the course. Post the class you will receive copies of all the class Murals for your reference.

Mural Workspace
Mural Workspace

We hold a one hour “tech check” call the day before the class to shake out any technical challenges.

Timing and Breaks

Our classes run 9am to 6pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). There is a 10 minute break at the top of every hour and a 45 minute meal break at 1pm AEDT. We leave the Zoom call open during all breaks so folks can chat as they would in a physical classroom.

As classes are online you can attend from anywhere in the world. So far we have had participants join our online classes from all over Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, China, Taiwan, India and Germany!

What is included with our Online SAFe Training?

Scaled Agile Standard Inclusions

As with all SAFe training you will receive:

  • Preparation and eligibility to take the SAFe certification exam
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform
  • Course certificate of completion
  • E-learning courses to help you prepare for the class:
    • Agile Basics
    • What is SAFe for Lean Enterprises
    • SAFe Foundations: Core Values
    • SAFe Foundations: Lean-Agile Mindset
    • SAFe Foundations: Lean-Agile Principles
  • Access to the certification exam (at no additional cost) for those who attend the entire class.

Pretty Agile Extras for Online SAFe Training

In addition to the standard inclusion from Scaled Agile Inc, Pretty Agile will post out a care package with the following goodies:

Online Leading SAFe care package

If you still have questions about our online training offerings please contact us. Otherwise you can find our list of upcoming live online public SAFe classes and registration links here:

We look forward to seeing you online sometime soon.

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