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In response to the global pandemic, Pretty Agile moved all of its public SAFe training classes online in March 2020. We were surprised to find that the online learning experience was superior to in-person training, and the feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.  To quote one participant, "it was really beneficial because it allowed interaction between people across industries and countries that you’d never get in the same room physically."

How does Online SAFe Training from Pretty Agile work?

All our online SAFe training classes are delivered by two SPC/Ts. You will find most providers use one trainer for all classes except Implementing SAFe, where Scaled Agile Inc. requires two. At Pretty Agile, we know that two trainers lead to a better learning experience, so we make this investment for every class.

Our average online SAFe training course has 9 to 18 participants. We set up class activities in a way that enables all participants to interact with each other over the course of the class. 

Class Photos

Technology Requirements

You will need a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and internet access.

We used Zoom as the audiovisual backbone of our virtual training. You will need a Zoom account. (You can sign up for a free Zoom account if you don't already have one. ) While Zoom is accessible through a web browser we recommend installing the client on your computer for better stability. We ask students to register for the call in advance, to help us keep those Zoom-bombers at bay!

We use Slack for chat instead of Zoom chat. The allows us to build in redundancy in the unlikely case of a Zoom outage. Slack also has the advantage of being persistent post the class. We keep the Slack workspace live so you can continue to chat with your classmates and access the many resources shared during the course.

We will provide you with a link so that you can create a free Slack login. Even if you have an existing account, Slack requires you to set up your login for each workspace independently. We also recommend installing the client on your computer rather than using the web version.

Mural is our online collaboration tool. This is web-based so no installation is required. You will not need a login either as we will provide you with visitor access to the specific Murals spaces you will need for the course. Post the class you will receive copies of all the class Murals for your reference.


Timing and Breaks

Our classes run 9 am to 6 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). There is a 10-minute break at the top of every hour and a 45-minute meal break at 1 pm AEDT. We leave the Zoom call open during all breaks so folks can chat as they would in a physical classroom.

As classes are online you can attend from anywhere in the world. So far we have had participants join our online classes from all over Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Germany and the UK!



What is included with our Online SAFe Training?


Scaled Agile Standard Inclusions

As with all SAFe training, you will receive the following:

  • Preparation and eligibility to take the SAFe certification exam
  • One-year membership to SAFe Studio
  • Course certificate of completion
  • E-learning courses to help you prepare for the class:
    • Agile Basics
    • What is SAFe for Lean Enterprises
    • SAFe Foundations: Core Values
    • SAFe Foundations: Lean-Agile Mindset
    • SAFe Foundations: Lean-Agile Principles
  • Access to the certification exam (at no additional cost) for those who attend the entire class.

Pretty Agile Extras for Online SAFe Training

In addition to the standard inclusion from Scaled Agile Inc., Pretty Agile will post a care package with the following goodies:

If you still have questions about our online training offerings please contact us. Otherwise, you can find our list of upcoming live online public SAFe classes and registration links here:

We look forward to seeing you online sometime soon.

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Jodi Foster
Head of Enterprise Transformation Office at Hollard Insurance Australia

I’m happy to share that I’ve obtained a new certification: Certified SAFe® 6 Lean Portfolio Manager from Scaled Agile, Inc.! Big thanks to the best trainer and coach Em Campbell-Pretty at Pretty Agile for imparting your wisdom.

Alisha Alisha
Associate/Subject Matter Expert at WTW

My first Product Owner Product Manager training led by most amazing faculties Emma Sharrock and Melissa Hay!
It was a two-day training but I must say that it was the most effective, knowledgeable and interactive virtual session I could think of. Not for even a second did I feel bored or tired! Absolutely amazing!
Most Importantly, Learning about how SAFe works in the world of software engineering has been amazing experience and looking forward to enhance the process to fully adopt SAFe way of working.
On top of it, Meeting new people is always an exciting experience for me!
Thank you WTW for this opportunity to enhance my skillset.


Tayah V.
Agile Delivery Manager at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)

Thanks Claire. I really enjoyed the class and valued yours and Emma’s role as facilitators. You really raised the bar on how to deliver remote sessions, super impressive!

Piyumali Perera
Change and Capability Director at Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (NZ)

The importance of professional development - an investment in you!!

It’s been great to have had the time to complete a course and obtain my certification as a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Consultant.

A huge thanks to Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson from Pretty Agile for running such a well structured and engaging course across multiple time zones!

Taylor Moore
Business Transformation Consultant at IBM

Happy to announce that I passed my SPC exam today, and I am officially a SAFe Practice Consultant! Thank you to Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson for an amazing week of SPC training with Pretty Agile. And a special thank you to my fellow classmates who made the sessions engaging and fun! I highly recommend anyone interested in pursuing this certification take the course with these two fantastic facilitators

Jacinta Walker
Program Manager at Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd

Spent my fifth lockdown studying and passing the #SAFe exam to become a Certified SAFe® 5 Agilist. I haven't crammed for an exam since uni days! A huge thank you to Adrienne Wilson and Emma Sharrock from Pretty Agile, their fantastic training did the job of prepping me with both theory and practical examples to start implementing at work. #scaledagileframework

Edwin Manica
Information Technology Business Partner at MLC Life Insurance

Thank you Claire Sanders and Adrienne Wilson, for the effective training last week. The hands on activities and interactive team learning were great!! Highly recommend Pretty Agile to anyone, intending to get trained on Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe).

Ben Dean
Agile Coach at Optus

Thanks to Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson from Pretty Agile for a well facilitated virtual course sprinkled with loads of practical experience, stories, anecdotes and witty humour 😂

Aaron Hines
Program Manager at Crown Resorts

Thanks to Adrienne Wilson and Pretty Agile for the incredibly well organised and engaging SAFe Agilist course.
This was my first time in a virtual classroom. The collaboration tools and organisation of the training far exceeded my expectations and made the two day event fly by!

Chris Morrison
Digital Advisor at Australian Department of Health

Thanks Em Campbell-Pretty & Melissa Hay for facilitating a great course, an engaging 3 days, and a flawless online learning experience!

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