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Agile HR


We are proud to be able to offer certified Agile HR training in partnership with Just Leading Solutions. 

We have 1, 2 & 3 days offerings designed for Human Resources, People & Culture and Agile professionals. The participants become part of a growing community of certified Agile HR contributors and get access to our toolkits and library.

The Digital Age, is bringing significant changes to our world. Markets are moving faster, and workplaces are becoming more customized and self-sufficient than ever before. It's essential for entire organizations to adapt to this new way of doing things, and Human Resources (HR) has a crucial role in ensuring our companies and institutions succeed in this Digital Age.

There is a parallel shift afoot from the knowledge economy to the human economy. According to the Harvard Business Review: “In the human economy, the most valuable workers will be hired hearts. The know-how and analytic skills that made them indispensable in the knowledge economy no longer give them an advantage over increasingly intelligent machines. But they will still bring to their work essential traits that can’t be and won’t be programmed into software, like creativity, passion, character, and collaborative spirit—their humanity, in other words. The ability to leverage these strengths will be the source of one organization’s superiority over another.”

Agile ways of working perfectly complement the era of the human economy by providing a framework of values, principles, and practices to create workplaces that are engaging, collaborative, and innovative. Agile HR helps us move away from old practices and instead create HR programs that align with our organization's values and beliefs, regardless of what we do. It plays a crucial role in making companies more adaptable and responsive, allowing them to thrive in a constantly changing environment. This is the way forward to not just survive but thrive in The Human Economy.

Our Certified Agile HR Courses

Agile HR Explorer
with Agile HR Explorer (AHRE) Certification
There's a profound transformation underway in the realm of people management within enterprises. HR departments are awakening to the fact…
Agile HR Practitioner
with Agile HR Practitioner (AHRP) Certification
The “Agile HR Practitioner” certificate course is designed for HR professionals who are part of an Agile HR transformation and…
Certified Agile HR Coach
with Agile HR Coach (AHRC) Certification
The “Agile HR Coach” certificate course is designed for Agile coaches and consultants who are supporting HR departments in their…
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