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SAFe Training Online? How on Earth Does That Work?!

Em Campbell-Pretty
Apr 21, 2020

Over the past few weeks we have been building out content so that we can deliver our favourite SAFe training online online, while still offering the engaging and informative classes we are known for.

So how does SAFe training online work at Pretty Agile?

We use Zoom video conferencing technology for our virtual classroom with cameras on so we can all see each other and leveraging breakout rooms for virtual table discussions and activities. We ask students to register for the call in advance, to help us keep those Zoom-bombers at bay!

We have re-created the physical class room, post-it notes, flip charts and whiteboards using the Mural online collaboration tool. 

collaborating with zoom and mural
Collaborating with Zoom and Mural

We use Slack rather than Zoom chat to build in redundancy. This also allows the class community to continue to connect after the class has concluded. 

We also leverage the online quiz tool Kahoot just to liven things up a little! And check for understanding 🙂

All our online classes are delivered by a minimum of two SAFe certified and deeply experienced facilitators.

Do I still get a the course workbook and Pretty Agile swag?

Of course you do! You receive a link to download the course digital workbook from Scaled Agile, Inc. We will also post you out a physical workbook with some of your favourite Pretty Agile swag.

Pretty Agile SPC Swag
Course workbook and swag for Implementing SAFe

What about "Zoom Exhaustion"?

All our online classes have a 10 minute break built in at the top of every hour. Our full day classes also have a 45 minute lunch break. We have also been delivering classes over multiple shorter days for our private clients.

What are people saying about Pretty Agile's SAFe training online?

"Highly recommended!!! Nothing like Em and Adrienne's experience and knowledge! Thanks for a great week!"

- Feedback from Online Implementing SAFe Participant

"I attended their first ever fully online SPC training online using Zoom for the main video conferencing, Slack for a backup text chat, channels and link sharing, and Mural for online work spaces for the practicals and I can't recommend their training and the methods highly enough. A few initial teething problems with the technology but amazing work to put it together and prepare in this new way of working. I call that a significant win."

- Feedback from Online Implementing SAFe Participant
SAFe Training Online
Online Implementing SAFe class of April 2020

"As one of the participants on the SPC training, I highly recommend Em and Adrienne  as excellent facilitators... 3 days of video conferencing so far, and it has been fully engaging. Excellent use of a range of technologies, especially for a first time online for such a hands on subject."

- Feedback from Online Implementing SAFe Participant

How efficiently and effectively the course was run in a new format (zoom, slack, mural) was testament to how well the Pretty Agile staff know the material and the SAFe framework.

- Feedback from Online Leading SAFe Participant

Thanks Pretty Agile. Great facilitation Melissa Hay & Claire Sanders. Highly recommend to any aspiring/transitioning PO/PMs or driving Agile transformation to understand how to optimise Product Management function.

- Feedback from Online SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Participant

"I think both Adrienne and Em did a great job holding the attention of course participants in an online format - kudos to both of them! 

I appreciate that in an online environment there is more focus on the teacher and all participants rely more on the presenter, whereas in a classroom setting there may be more interaction amongst participants. So there was a lot more focus and pressure on both Adrienne and Em and I think they managed it fantastically. 

Em did a great job holding the focus of participants and engaging everyone, encouraging people to dig deeper into the material. I picked up lots of good skills by seeing her in action facilitating. 

Em and Adrienne are a great team, and I enjoyed having 2 trainers on the session."

- Feedback from Online Implementing SAFe Participant

Excellent real world examples help digest the course material and added context. Melissa and Claire were both really knowledgeable and did a great job at instructing this course in a format that was not the norm (but could be the new norm).

- Feedback from Online Leading SAFe Participant

Thank you to Em Campbell-Pretty, Adrienne Wilson and everyone else attended Pretty Agile's first online SPC training course. I cannot recommend Pretty Agile highly enough as a training provider for SAFe. Both instructors went above and beyond to ensure we had the best opportunities for learning.

- Feedback from Online Implementing SAFe Participant

If you are ready to level up in an online virtual classroom then check out our upcoming classed here!

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