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SAFe Implementation Services


Are you considering adopting the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in your business? Are you looking to get started with SAFe but don’t know how? Don’t go it alone!

Pretty Agile is here to help! Leverage the deep expertise of Pretty Agile’s SAFe Consulting team to accelerate your transformation by helping you navigate challenges and avoiding potential pitfalls.
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As Australia’s leading SAFe implementation partner, Pretty Agile specialises in helping organisations plan and execute Scaled Agile and Digital Transformations. Whether you are starting with waterfall or ad-hoc agile, we have the SAFe consulting experience to guide you on your journey.

Leveraging our proven implementation patterns, from our book The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck,  we will lead your organisation through a set of custom workshops and certified SAFe training classes designed to set you up for success.

Working with Pretty Agile SAFe consulting team you will always receive pragmatic advice based on real world applications of SAFe in addition to our in depth knowledge of the framework. Our unparalleled experience enables us to assist you in applying Lean, Agile and SAFe Principles to your specific context. 

We believe our role is to help your organisation build the capability to sustain and accelerate SAFe without embedding consultants long term. 


To discuss how the team at Pretty Agile can help you scale agile with the Scaled Agile Framework contact us on or 1300 304 980 (Australia) or +61 3 8508 7637 (Outside Australia).


We literally wrote THE book on how to avoid a train wreck with SAFe!

“This book is gritty and down in the trenches; it provides a real-world view of the challenges in implementing an Agile Release Train (ART) and the organisational change that comes with it. In SAFe, we don’t spend a lot of time describing what not to do—if we did, the Framework would be twice as big—but knowing what doesn’t work, why it failed, and how to avoid it in the future can be an enterprise saver. Em and Adrienne have also tested and learned from many early compromises, the ones you often have to make to get started with SAFe… you can’t find this practical, real-world experience just anywhere, and this book is filled with pithy vignettes and challenges.”

Dean Leffingwell, Creator of the Scaled Agile Framework

Implementing SAFe

As one of the first Scaled Agile Gold SPCT partners in the world, Pretty Agile uses the SAFe Implementation Roadmap coupled with Tribal Unity as a guide to help us shape the appropriate engagement to support your organisation’s needs.

This proven approach includes a combination of training and consulting services designed to ensure your organisation is successful.

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