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Pretty Agile is the home to some of the world’s most experienced Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) practitioners.

We specialise in providing SAFe training, consulting and coaching services both in Australia and across the globe. Founded in 2014 we are one of the top ten Scaled Agile Transformation Partners in the world having trained 9,500+ people on the Scaled Agile Framework. We are also the only Australian based Scaled Agile Partner with a SAFe Fellow and two SPCTs.

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Founder and SAFe Fellow, Em Campbell-Pretty, launched Australia’s first SAFe Agile Release Train at Telstra in early 2012, a few months prior to the launch of SAFe as a trademarked framework. The story of the cultural transformation that accompanied the launch this train has become legendary in the agile community. In recognition of her contribution to the Scaled Agile Framework, Em was one of the first four people in the world to be designated a SAFe Fellow.

The team at Pretty Agile are all experienced real-world practitioners with no less than 6 years of full-time experience working with SAFe, making us one of the most experienced SAFe partners across the globe. Our team prides itself on delivering classes and workshops full of practical takeaways. We deliver world-class training and workshops that go well beyond the standard slides sharing our wide and varied implementation experience.

Pretty Agile focuses on helping organisations achieve Tribal Unity® leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework and Em’s unique, culture first approach to launching Agile Release Trains. At Pretty Agile, we come with proven experience accompanied by a fundamental belief that our role is to support your organisation in learning “how to fish” rather than catching the fish for you!

Our Leadership Team

Em Campbell-Pretty

Em Campbell-Pretty is one of the world’s most experienced SAFe practitioners and the author of two Amazon #1 best-selling books, Tribal Unity and The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck. As one of the first SAFe Fellows and SPCTs, Em has been working with SAFe since before it was called SAFe. After reading Dean Leffingwell’s Scaling Software Agility in 2011 she launched Australia’s first SAFe Agile Release Train at Telstra in early 2012.

Adrienne Wilson

Adrienne Wilson has been working exclusively in the Scaled Agile Framework since 2013 making her one of the longest practitioners of SAFe in the world. Her first role was a Release Train Engineer. She then went on to be a Solution Train Engineer, a Lean Agile Centre of Excellence leader and then the leader of many Agile PMO’s.

Melissa Hay

Melissa has deep expertise in SAFe spanning corporate and government in Australia and abroad. Melissa has been working exclusively in the SAFe space since 2014. She began her journey with SAFe with RMIT in the first SAFe implementation in higher education for Australia. This was the third implementation in Australia and was so successful, it was published as the second case study with SAI for Australia.

Claire Sanders

Claire was an early appointment to Australia’s third ART at RMIT University. As part of this ART, she served as a chapter lead, helping to transform the culture and system of work. She was integral to its success in both the business and delivery aspects. It went on to become a SAFe case study.

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