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The adoption and acceleration of Business Agility is our core focus at Pretty Agile. We have supported dozens of organisations around the globe in this endeavour. Our consultancy focuses on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe); a proven framework that provides a wholistic system for achieving Business Agility for individuals and organisations looking to complete in the Digital Agile.

Typically, as an organisation starts to scale agile, teams within the company can experience a disconnection as different approaches are applied across the enterprise. With the growth and scale of agility comes many touch-points – between different divisions – and communication becomes critical to ensure successful delivery of customer centric solutions with increased productivity, improvement in quality, faster time to market and an increase in employee engagement.

Our certified SAFe Program Consultants and SAFe Program Consultant Trainers deliver SAFe training and consulting for organisations and individuals to help them apply the Lean-Agile mindset. This journey typically begins with Leading SAFe training and the SAFe Agilist certification. Certified SAFe Agilists apply SAFe, Agile and Lean principles to lead the organisations effective transition to Business Agility without compromising on delivery.

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The core values of the Scaled Agile Framework underpin the culture that must be present within the organisation’s employees at every level.

These values are:


Achieving effective Business Agility requires alignment between an organisation’s strategy and team level execution. SAFe enables alignment of priorities through the instantiation of Lean Portfolio Management. The application of Agile Product Management provides an aligned focus on customer centricity. SAFe Architects provide guidance to SAFe agile teams that ensures robust, scalable technology solutions that are aligned to the business strategy. Role base SAFe training empowers employees at every level to lean and grow together.

Built-in Quality

The delivery of quality solutions is fundamental to competing in the digital age. SAFe principles and practices are indented to ensure confidence that every increment of your solutions reflects quality standards at every step in the continuous delivery pipeline. This application of built in quality is inherent in all role based certified SAFe training.


The delivery of high quality, customer centric solutions can be challenging. It is inevitable that from time to time delivery might not go according to plan. At these times, transparency can be challenging but it is still critical to success. Transparency enables trust and this is the foundation of high performing teams and organisations. SAFe Agilists play a critical role in creating an environment that fosters this trust and transparency.

Program Execution

SAFe enables the sustainable delivery of valuable business solutions through the relentless focus on program execution and systemic system improvement. Working in an environment of alignment, transparency and built in quality enables SAFe Agile Release Trains to reliably execute on program increment plans and deliver on their commitments. SAFe training by Pretty Agile provides the skills necessary to empower individuals and organisations to excel at Program Execution.

Leading SAFe

The organisation’s managers, leaders and executives are ultimately responsible for the adoption, success and ongoing acceleration of Business Agility across the enterprise. Achieving the SAFe Agilist certification indicates to your teams, peers and management that you are committed to exemplifying SAFe core values.

Achieving a SAFe agile certification and leveraging our expert consultancy puts individuals and organisations on extremely firm ground as they adopt Business Agility, and makes them much less likely to derail there by avoiding train wrecks!

Our SAFe Case Studies

Telstra Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Case StudyRMIT University Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Case StudyWestpac Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Case Study

The team at Pretty Agile has supported companies across the globe on their journey to implementing SAFe.

Here are some of the organisations we have worked with:

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