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Measuring the Business Benefits of SAFe


For leaders seeking to deliver tangible business results with SAFe, the Measuring the Business Benefits of SAFe (Limited Release) workshop establishes a transformation objective and key results (OKR) that will help deliver compelling economic value to the enterprise.

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SAFe regularly delivers transformational outcomes, but communicating these benefits to stakeholders can be challenging. Based on dozens of SAFe customer success stories, this half-day, interactive workshop helps business and technology leaders align their strategies and identify the SAFe outcomes that will enable the business results they need.

Participants work together to understand their shared business objective, identify desired economic outcomes, define a transformation OKR to support the business objective, and create a joint plan to lead and execute the implementation.

The workshop builds alignment, shared language, and partnership between Operational Value Stream (OVS) and Development Value Stream (DVS) leaders. This arms them with the clarity and confidence they need to lead the organization to business results that matter the most to customers and executive stakeholders.

Workshop Goals

Upon completion of the workshop, the attendees should be able to:

  • Connect transformation metrics to business metrics
  • Create business-aligned transformation OKRs
  • Communicate the business benefits of SAFe throughout the organization
  • Continually measure and evolve the transformation in alignment with business objectives

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the business context
  • Identifying desired business outcomes
  • Aligning transformation outcomes
  • Building the transformation story

Learn how SAFe delivers transformational outcomes that are leading indicators of key business results.

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