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Thanks, Claire Sanders & Emma Sharrock from Pretty Agile for the excellent course run virtually over 2 days that enabled me with the knowledge and tools to be able to take up this certification. #safeagile #safe5 #safetraining #productowner

Excited to pass the exam after an awesome two days with Pretty Agile, working through the SAFe 5 concepts for PO/PM. Great class, led by superb instructors Claire Sanders & Emma Sharrock.

Thanks to my team at Services Australia for supporting me while I was studying hard.

And thank you to our fantastic trainers Adrienne Wilson and Em Campbell-Pretty.

#verified #continuousimprovement #SAFe #agile

Thanks, Melissa and Claire for a great course! I enjoyed the learning experience, the exchanges and at times, the challenging discussions with a group of very diverse industry background and experience. Thanks, everyone!

Very pleased to have obtained Product Owner / Product Manager certification in the Scaled Agile Framework for enterprise. Many thanks to the terrific trainers from Pretty Agile Melissa Hay and Claire Sanders as well as the wonderful support, mentoring and coaching from the AMP Agile+ Ways of Working team.

Thanks to Pretty Agile and the Agile+ team at AMP for making this a fun and interactive virtual experience.

Was an amazing course with equally amazing facilitators! Thank you Adrienne Wilson and Claire Sanders

Thanks to [the] Pretty Agile team and specially to our awesome instructors Claire Sanders and Adrienne Wilson for making the learning so enjoyable.

Em and Claire had really good practical insights for concepts discussed on the SAFe model that we could take away to try out in our environment as Product owners. They also had the skills, knowledge and the right tools to be conducting the SAFe POPM class on a remote basis, given the prevailing lockdowns in Melbourne. Several group activities were conducted throughout the two days that kept the us really engaged with the rest of the attendees while being able to learn from their experiences.

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