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Nicholene Africa

Principal Consultant

Nicholene has been working in the software industry for 15 years and built industry expertise across sectors such as Health, Finance, Education and Telco. Her experience & passion covers coaching Scrum Masters to adopt SAFe principles & to live by Agile values so that their organisations are successful in delivering business transformation and value to their customers in a competitive market.

Her SAFe journey started in 2018 when Telstra Health subsidiary ‘Fred Health Group’ Australia’s largest dedicated software solutions provider in the pharmaceutical industry launched its first agile release train. Nicholene was one of the first Scrum Masters appointed to the train. During her time at Fred, she supported the RTE and was instrumental in creating high-performing teams with strong skills in self-organization, cross-functionality and drive for continuous improvement so that businesses deliver. This pattern was repeated when she moved on from Fred joining, a large multi-site ART in the education software industry.

Today Nicholene enjoys being part of the Pretty Agile team and sharing her vast hands-on experience with SAFe through the delivery of certified SAFe classes and coaching Agile Release Trains.

SAFe Certifications

Validated to Teach

  • Leading SAFe Validation (5.1)

    Leading SAFe Validation (5.1)

  • SAFe Scrum Master Validation (5.1)

    SAFe Scrum Master Validation (5.1)

  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Validation (5.1)

    SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Validation (5.1)

  • SAFe for Teams Validation (5.1)

    SAFe for Teams Validation (5.1)

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