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When Worlds Collide: Hardware Engineering meets Lean-Agile development

Presentation by Harry Koehnemann, SAFe Fellow & Principle Consultant at Scaled Agile, Inc.
Nov 04, 2022

Business Agility requires everyone involved in product delivery to use Lean and Agile practices to create innovative, high-quality products. As Agile adoption extends beyond software, hardware development needs to keep pace. Although the hardware community is relatively new to Agile, However, Lean-Agile values and principles are universal. They can be used to guide hardware engineers to create and adopt their own best practices.

Tune in to hear Scaled Agile SAFe Fellow Harry Koehnemann as he explores how organisations building hardware systems using Agile practices are striving to deliver value significantly faster and with much higher quality than ever before. You will hear about some of the challenges and successes of adopting Agile for Hardware Development based on real experiences.

About Harry Koehnemann

Harry Koehnemann is a SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile Inc., where he helps organizations build and deliver solutions faster, more predictably, and with high quality. He has spent the past two decades consulting with aerospace, defence, automotive, and other organizations to adopt better engineering practices, including Lean, Agile, MBSE, requirements management, quality management, and the related activities necessary to support compliance. Harry is a regular presenter on Lean-Agile topics and engineering practices at Agile, Systems Engineering, and government conferences.

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