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Value Stream Management with SAFe Fellow Marc Rix

Presentation by Marc Rix, SAFe Fellow & Principle Consultant at Scaled Agile, Inc.
Oct 13, 2022

Value Stream Management (VSM) is a leadership and technical discipline that enables the maximum flow of business value through the end-to-end solution delivery life cycle. SAFe enables VSM through its alignment with the five principles of Lean thinking and practices that optimize delivery efficiency across the organization. In this talk, we will explore what VSM is, what it is not, how it is implemented, and who is responsible for doing it.

Marc Rix, SAFe Fellow & Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile, Inc.

Marc helps large organizations leverage the game-changing power of Lean, Agile, and VSM at scale. He has been practising Agile for over 20 years and is an internationally recognized thought leader, consultant, trainer, adviser, and speaker. Marc lives in the US and is a member of the Framework team at Scaled Agile.

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