Scaled Agile Training Calendar

How to choose a SAFe training provider

With the recent emergence of remote SAFe training, the number of SAFe certification providers appears to have exploded. In many cities across the world you will find multiple Scaled Agile training classes being offered by different providers every week. The choice is simply overwhelming. With so many providers; how do you distinguish between them? Assuming […]



Demystifying SAFe Scrum Master Certifications

In a recent Implementing SAFe class we were asked – “What is a SAFe Advanced Scrum Master and how does this differ from a SAFe Scrum Master? I can’t see the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master role on the big picture.” It took me a moment to join the dots. But then I saw it – […]


Leading SAFe Geekbooks Simulation in Mural

Is the future of SAFe Training Online?

Recently I was pondering if the future of SAFe would be remote? My hypothesis was that the global “work from home” regime introduced by various Governments as a response to COVID-19 may well continue once the pandemic has passed. Which raises the question what does that mean for Agile Release Trains? It also raises questions […]


SAFe Training Online? How on Earth Does That Work?!

Over the past few weeks we have been building out content so that we can deliver our favourite certified SAFe classes online, while still offering the engaging and informative classes we are known for. So how does a live online SAFe class with Pretty Agile work? We use Zoom video conferencing technology for our virtual […]


Just-in-time Training for an Agile Release Train Quick-Start

The three key ingredients in any ART launch are: teams, a well defined, force ranked feature level program backlog and the knowledge to execute in a lean and agile manner. In the case of the A&I ART, we now had teams and a backlog, we just needed the knowledge. This is where the SAFe for […]