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Thanks to Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson of Pretty Agile for a pretty awesome Implementing SAFe class! One of the best online learning experiences I've had. Stay SAFe!

Thank you Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson, from Pretty Agile, for an impactful and entertaining four days. Now celebrating "cocktail hour" as a certified SAFe Program Consultant. Thank you again!

Lots of thanks to Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson from Pretty Agile for running a fantastic Implementing SAFe course!

Many thanks for your amazing SAFe Scaled Agile knowledge, real world insights & patience - Em Campbell-Pretty, Adrienne Wilson, Claire Sanders & Melissa Hay.

Thank you, Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson, for such excellent training. Your practical examples were eye-opener in implementing SAFe properly in any organization.

Thanks, Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson - I cannot recommend the Pretty Agile Implementing SAFe course enough. The pre-course research, course and subsequent study I have conducted to achieve this accreditation has been eye-opening and motivating.

Waking up early in the morning to learn in the Australian timezone was not an easy choice but Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson and the classmates were making it so fun and engaging that I do not want to miss any precious moment in these 4 full days training. Your stories and experiences had made the course content so much vivid and relevant. Thank you for the fruitful and practical teachings Pretty Agile.

Delighted on my achievement of earning the SAFe Program Consultant Title (SPC 5.0). It was indeed a journey , delightful, exciting and was never easy.

Thankyou Em Campbell-Pretty, Adrienne Wilson for the great course and your practical insights. It was an interesting and engaging course and it has opened up my thoughts to focus on new areas.

Passed the SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) test! Thank you Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson for the incredibly amazing course and your practical insights! Loved the course and the energy! Truly awesome! I could stay up another four nights for the opportunity to learn from you directly.

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