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The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck

Practical Tips and Tricks for Launching and Operating SAFe Agile Release Trains
Em Campbell-Pretty

In The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck, Em and Adrienne share their “trade secrets” for launching and operating powerful and effective Agile Release Trains. There's a lot at stake when launching an Agile Release Train. When taking on an Enterprise Lean-Agile Transformation you only get one shot at a first impression. Runaway trains are expensive. Money gets wasted, time gets lost and the reputational damage can take years to repair.

Going well beyond the standard SAFe training, this book deep dives into the practical tips and tricks that only over 15 years of combined real world experience can teach. Peppered with innumerable war stories, this book provides plenty of entertainment (as well as education) in the form of personal anecdotes, cautionary tales and pro-tips for both the colocated Agile Release Train and its more complicated globally distributed cousins.

You will learn how to get a ticket on the SAFe railway, load the cargo on your train, set the timetable, SAFely board and stay on the tracks. No matter your context, you are sure to find plenty of actionable ideas for launching and operating Agile Release Trains. Let's face it, any train can derail, so let The ART of Avoiding a Train Wreck be the coach in your pocket, warning you of the obstacles on the tracks ahead before you train wreck.

“Real life tips. Concrete content and tons of ideas, best practices and guidelines. An absolutely “must have” regarding SAFe ART.”

Patrick Brodeur
Canada on 6 January 2021

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