At Pretty Agile we are all avid readers of Agile, Lean and DevOps books.

Each of us has found learning from books to instrumental in evolving our thinking, inspiring our experiments and “sharpening the saw”.

Our bookshelf was started by the Em’s first Agile Release Train. Reading was at the foundation of that trains continuous learning culture. It all started with “Leffingwell Book Club” and over time the list grew as the team read more and added their recommendations to the book club wall. When Em started Pretty Agile in 2014 she took the book club wall digital.

Welcome to the Pretty Agile Bookshelf – we hope you enjoy your visit.

Agile Fundamentals


Scaling Agile


Lean Thinking


Thinking outside the box


The Books Behind the Books


Building Teams


Great Teams Deserve Great Leaders


Leading Change


Agile Data Warehousing