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Measure What Matters for Business Agility: Outcomes, Flow and Competency

Presentation by Andrew Sales, SAFe Fellow & Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile Inc.
Nov 25, 2021

Everyone is always asking us what metrics they should be using with SAFe. Recently Scaled Agile updated their guidance on this very topic so we thought we would invite Andy to come and chat with us about what's new with Metrics in SAFe!

Measure What Matters for Business Agility: Outcomes, Flow and Competency

As we are all experiencing, Business Agility sets new performance standards for organizations, requiring fast, effective response to emerging business opportunities. This mandates changes to what we measure, how we measure, and what to do with the data we receive. It is a critical enabler for continuously improving business performance. To support this goal, we have refactored, refined and extended our approach to metrics into three measurement domains, Outcomes, Flow and Competency. In this Session, SAFe Fellow and Framework team member Andrew Sales will present this new, comprehensive measurement model and describe how it can be successfully applied at every level of a SAFe Enterprise.

About Andrew Sales

Andrew is a SAFe Fellow and member of the Framework team at Scaled Agile. He has been supporting organizations with their Agile transformation for more than 10 years, drawing on his experiences in software development, project management, and product management. He previously led the Agile Services Practice across EMEA for CA Technologies (formerly Rally) and is a regular speaker at Agile events and contributor to the Agile community. Recently he completed his postgraduate research, exploring how organizational structures impact enterprise performance.

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