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Transformation to the Scaled Agile Framework – A real world journey

Presentation by Mark Bain, GM Technology, Fred IT Group
Aug 18, 2020

Mark presented an overview of the journey Fred IT Group took from traditional business structure to a customer and product focussed, agile organisation of the future. He provided the context on the need to change, the journey itself and what went right and what didn’t work so well. A pragmatic and practical presentation that will provide you with insights on how you might transition to the new way of working or gain insights to improve the transformation you are currently undertaking. This is a real-world story as Mark has led the transformation from within the organisation and seen the value that can be realised.

Mark Bain is accountable for the strategy, structure and process changes that enabled the transformation to SAFe. Additionally, he manages security, procurement, architecture and technical strategy for the organisation. Fred IT Group specialises in the development and support of solutions in the Pharmacy and eHealth space. They are best known for the development of SafeScript which assists in the prevention of members of the public becoming addicted to and dying from prescription drug overdoses.

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