My Agile 2013 Experience - Day 6 of 6

Em Campbell-Pretty
Aug 26, 2013


The closing keynote for Agile 2013 was "Why Everyone Needs DevOps Now: A Fourteen Year Study Of High Performing IT Organizations " by +Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project. (If you haven't read The Phoenix Project you can download a free 170 page excerpt here.)  This is the second time I have heard Gene give this presentation and I must say I was very pleased to discover that on this occasion it had been video taped and posted to the Agile Alliance website.
Just in case you were considering not watching Gene's keynotes, let me give you a small taster of his findings:
  • High performing organizations deploy code 30 times more frequently, and 8,000 times faster than their peers, deploying multiple times a day, versus an average of once a month. Frequent deployments, coupled with faster change lead times, enable operational agility.
  • High performing organizations have double the change success rate and restore service 12 times faster than their peers. Fewer failures and faster recovery mean less risk to the business when changes are deployed.
The video of Gene's keynote can be found here.

My agile 2013 experience day 6
And so my first Agile 20xx conference came to a close. It was sad to say goodbye, but I must confess I was ready to catch up on some sleep. Hopefully this blog series gave those who did not attend a taste of what the conference is like. For me the investment was well worthwhile, I heard lots of great talks, I met lots of great people and I had a great time! Bring on Agile 2014!
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