Karan Bagaria


Finally done with my Safe Scrum Master.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to SCALE agile practices over multiple teams or even a whole organisation. It is one of the most mature Agile Frameworks out there. I was very impressed by the resources available Scaled Agile, Inc. website, their articles are some of the most detailed I have come across in all the certifications I have done.

Thanks to  Pretty Agile with Claire SandersMelissa Hay for their highly innovative training and for sharing their wealth of experience during the course.

The team at Pretty Agile with Claire Sanders and Melissa Hay do a great job in running the learning course for this accreditation, would highly recommend.

Thanks to the Pretty Agile team for a great course!

Thanks again for the brilliant course Claire Sanders and Melissa Hay 😀👍

Thank you Emma Sharrock & Claire Sanders for such an informative and interactive online training session. ☺️

Thanks to [the] Pretty Agile team and specially to our awesome instructors Claire Sanders and Adrienne Wilson for making the learning so enjoyable.

Thanks to Em Campbell-Pretty and Emma Sharrock for running an engaging and insightful course for SAFe Scrum Master Certification.
The course, run online, was expertly facilitated with plenty of opportunity for the participants to engage and discuss during the break out activities.
Em and Emma also shared their personal experiences in the world of agile, which strengthened the course material. I would strongly recommend Pretty Agile to anyone thinking of taking a SAFe certification.

I'm now a Certified SAFe 5 Scrum Master!
Thanks to Pretty Agile and Em Campbell-Pretty and Emma Sharrock for running a fantastic hands-on course!

Melissa is the best. No seriously. She adapted her style to the room and participants which ensured that everyone got a lot out of the course. She always gave very detailed answers to some curly questions and we are grateful for her wisdom!

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