A full and complete knowledge of all of the course content. Claire was able to answer any questions raised by the team. Great training style allowing teams to learn at their own pace. Fantastic course delivery, engaging and entertaining too!

Claire has excellent knowledge of course content and all questions were answered. She has excellent facilitation skills and course was conducted well and everyone was kept engaged.
Melissa has excellent knowledge of SAFe and was able to provide relevant examples, answer tricky questions
She is graceful and possesses excellent facilitation skills, engaging the whole team and finishing training on time with all content covered.

Melissa did a great job with bringing the theory to life with specific examples that are relevant to our business needs. She kept us on track and the energy high - no small feat given a 2 day course and a lot of people with varying skills and levels of understanding in the room.

Considering the restrictions of doing the course remotely both Claire and Melissa did a very good job!

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