JP Kearney


So this probably goes without saying, but if you are on the fence about this class take it! Em Campbell-Pretty & Adrienne Wilson were fantastic. And I feel like they have this remote learning model mastered!

Thanks Em Campbell-Pretty & Adrienne Wilson for a fantastic course. You passion for #TribalUnity & Scale is contagious

It's a great experience remote, and across time zones - exam prep next 😀 Thx to Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson! #kudos #training #education

Thank you Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson for a well facilitated training. Enjoyed the interactions from participants and learned from both of you as one of, if not, the best! #ServantLeader #LeanLeader #AgileCoach

Thanks, Em Campbell-Pretty and Adrienne Wilson for the 3 days RTE training, and as I said you are always the best in Australia for teaching SAFe courses.

Thanks Em Campbell-Pretty & Adrienne Wilson, was a great course, lots of laughs, good remote learning experience.

As always, appreciate your skills, experience & expertise and especially your facilitation style & sense of humour ????

Thank you Em Campbell-Pretty. Lovely meeting and learning from both you and Adrienne Wilson. The way you designed and prepared for the online version of this course was also outstanding! ????????

Excited to have both my RTE and SPC Scaled Agile (SAFe) certifications. Now I can coach and train the associates & leaders in my organization in the full suite of SAFe curriculum. A shout out to the awesome trainers of Pretty Agile - Em Campbell-Pretty & Adrienne Wilson.

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