Deciding to go SAFe is a big decision. Your organisation might be using agile, waterfall or maybe a hybrid approach. Wherever your organisation is coming from, moving to SAFe will be a significant undertaking. 

Pretty Agile specialises in helping enterprises make the jump to SAFe successful. We believe in building the capability to sustain the changes without embedding consultants long term. We will bring our global experience in implementing the framework with a Culture First approach to your context. 

Many considerations and challenges will arise in your implementation. Pretty Agile uses a proven pattern of implementation workshops and training courses to set your organisation up for success. We will bring our experience and learning to your context and help you navigate the complexities of implementing SAFe. 

To discuss how the team at Pretty Agile can help you scale agile with the Scaled Agile Framework® contact us on or 1300 304 980 (Australia) or +61 3 8508 7637 (Outside Australia).