Our Team

Anne Madden

Principal Consultant

Anne is a motivated, positive, strategic, fun, pragmatic agilist with a passion for consulting, training, coaching and empowering successful collaborative, value-driven, self-organising agile leaders and their teams to deliver impactful business outcomes.

Anne brings many years of successful experience in IT delivery and support of business systems; with Higher Education, FSI, Telco, IT, Pharmaceutical, Government Department, and Oil and Energy industry experience, and most recently with Enterprise Adaptability Big 4 consulting experience where Anne was known as the resident SAFe expert and trusted advisor to clients.

Anne began her SAFe journey in 2014, where she started as an Iteration Manager on RMIT's Student Systems ART, adding SAFe consulting and training experience along the way.

Anne loves seeing organisations succeed with SAFe, and particularly loves to be a part of the personal growth and enjoyment in people who work with it.

SAFe Certifications

Validated to Teach

  • Leading SAFe Validation (5.1)

    Leading SAFe Validation (5.1)

  • SAFe Scrum Master Validation (5.1)

    SAFe Scrum Master Validation (5.1)

  • SAFe for Teams Validation (5.1)

    SAFe for Teams Validation (5.1)

  • SAFe for Architects Validation (5.0)

    SAFe for Architects Validation (5.0)

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