Adrienne Wilson, Vice President of Operations & SPCT Candidate

Adrienne Wilson has been working exclusively in the Scaled Agile Framework since 2013 making her one of the longest practitioners of SAFe in the world. Her first role was a Release Train Engineer. She then went on to be a Solution Train Engineer, a Lean Agile Centre of Excellence leader and then the leader of many Agile PMO’s.

She started her career as an Aerospace Engineer building embedded flight guidance systems. Eventually leaving the aerospace industry she started her own SAFe consulting company in Denver, CO in 2016. She has worked in small start-ups to Fortune 5 companies in the United States including Telecommunication, Medical IT and device spaces, Insurance, Hospitality and Transportation verticals. In late 2017 SAFe Fellow Em Campbell-Pretty of Pretty Agile asked her to join the organisation. Since then, Pretty Agile has launched numerous Agile Release Trains including the Philippines first Agile Release Train.

SAFe Certifications

SAFe Program Consultant SPC5 Digital Badge SAFe Release Train Engineer RTE Digital Badge

Validated to Teach

Leading SAFe 5.0 Validation SAFe 5.0 POPM Validation SAFe Scrum Master SSM Validation SAFe 5.0 for Teams ValidationSAFe Agile Product Manager Validation SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager ValidationSAFe Release Train Engineer RTE SAFe Devops Validation SAFe for Architects Validation