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How Easy Agile Apps Support SAFe

Hayley Rodd, Senior Partnerships Manager, Easy Agile
May 31, 2024

Recording of the Easy Agile demo at the SAFe Australia Online Meetup - SAFe Tooling Special Interest Group (SIG).

Summary of the SAFe Tooling SIG Featuring Easy Agile

Company Overview

  • Easy Agile, based in Wollongong, Australia, creates apps that enhance Jira.
  • They have about 50 employees and products like Easy Agile Team Rhythm and Easy Agile Roadmaps.
  • Easy Agile aims to help organisations realise the full benefits of being agile, not just following the processes.

Easy Agile Apps for SAFe

There were two apps discussed during this meetup - Easy Agile Roadmaps and Easy Agile Programs.

Easy Agile Roadmaps 

  • Visual timeline of program increments (aka planning intervals) and Jira epics.
  • Shows dependencies between teams and epics, highlighting their health (red, orange, green lines indicating risk levels).
  • - Differences between Easy Agile Programs and Jira Advanced Roadmaps were discussed, emphasising the user-friendly nature and deeper team-level planning of Easy Agile.

Easy Agile Programs

  • The main product discussed is Easy Agile Programs, designed for real-time, hybrid, and distributed PI Planning within Jira.
  • It integrates seamlessly with Jira, offering real-time updates and reflecting changes across the platform.
  • Visualises three levels of issue hierarchy.
  • Used for scrum of scrums, PI confidence voting, and risk management.
  • Confidence voting feature allows teams to gauge and aggregate confidence levels anonymously.
  • Each team has a virtual breakout space synced with their Jira boards.
  • Facilitates team breakout sessions, dependency creation, PI Objectives, and capacity planning.
  • Teams can focus on specific dependencies and visualise conflicts, making it easier to manage PI planning sessions.

Q&A Highlights

  • Easy Agile Programs is available for the entire Jira instance, not just individual boards or teams.
  • Confidence voting, dependency management, and capacity planning were highlighted as standout features.
  • Future enhancements include improved reporting and insights, especially for dependency management.


The session concluded with an invitation to reach out to at for further questions and to try the free trial available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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